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Lawyer Retainer Fees (continued)

retainer fee costs and tipsIf at the start of the representation the retainer agreement describes the fee as an advance payment against future billings, the money should be placed in a trust account and belongs to the client until the billing transpires. When the fee is earned, the lawyer sends the client a notice and the funds can be withdrawn from the account. If the retainer fee agreement notes the funds are nonrefundable or as earned upon receipt, the funds do not have to be placed in a trust account. It belongs to the lawyer.

You should also be suspicious if the retainer seems very low. It is likely that the lawyer is simply quoting you a very low retainer in order to get your business and has little or no intention of staying within it. 

The expenses that are used to calculate a retainer fee are usually based on the circumstances at that time. and it can easily vary if the circumstances change. The lawyer should be able to give you and idea of what to expect. For example, if your case is filed with the court, you must pay court costs to file the case. You may also be expected to pay the costs for depositions, expert witnesses, long distance telephone charges made by your lawyer on your case, copying charges, courier and postal services, etc.

Be careful agreeing to hire an lawyer who's retainer fee seems very low. It could be a way of getting your business, only to add on the real hidden costs afterwards.

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Lawyer Retainer Fees


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